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stone glass mosaics supplier form china – Yunfu HuanJian Stone Ltd. is a professional natural stone manufacturer and supplier. We supplies mosaics (stone mosaic, stone glass mosaicetc) & stone products.

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Success with glass and stone tile involves practical as well as aesthetic appeal. The latest trend for kitchen backsplashes and shower walls have been the combination of glass and stone mosaics.

The Glass Stone Series has a soft and delicate look. The travertine stone used in this Series is in its most natural stage with small spaces and unfilled divots. The old-world stone is combined with the sleek multi-dimensional look of glass which breathes spaciousness. It provides a feeling of simple beauty with a casual formalness.

Selecting the right color or combination of Glass and Stone mosaic tile for any job requires asking the following questions:

Whether your project is small or large, wether you design it or hire a professional, and whether you install it yourself or rely on a tile setter. Make sure you do not rush into something that may not be the proper material you need.
The Glass Stone Series is a combination of glass and natural stone. Variations in color, shade and sizes are inherent in all fired glass products. Stone is a natural product. No two pieces are exactly alike. This variation is what gives natural stone products their distinctive appearance. Final selection should be made from color reproductions. If all else please order a sample of the material to see actual colors in person.

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