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Yunfu HuanJian Stone Ltd. is a professional mosaics & stone manufacturer and supplier. We provide high grade construction decoration materials for villas, hotels, and high class houses. Our mosaic products and production abilities are:

1. stone mosaics (marble mosaic, slate mosaic, pebble mosaic, travertine mosaic);
2. siwmming mosaics (ceramic mosaics, glass mosaics);
3. glass mosaics;
4. shell mosaics;
5. mosaics art pattern.

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Marble mosaicMarble mosaic
36 groups of HJ marble mosaic tile products, 3306 types of style, and ever-expanding productsApplication: Indoors or outdoors* It’s suitable for the residential home, hotel, villa, bar, ballroom, saloons, SPAS, café room,  countertops, backsplashes;* shower wall, bathroom wall, floor, ceiling, exterior wall;* fountains, columns,  swimming pool, etc.
travertine mosaicsTravertine mosaics
The HJ Travertine Mosaics have been in to use since a long time and their trend is back again. It is a rough material but once you install them you will find that your room will look excellent. This variety was first used by the Romans to create a traditional look so if you want to create an ethnic look you can use this style. It is a blend of different styles and the end result which you get is certainly pleasing. All the people who have used it find it a perfect choice.
onyx mosaicOnyx mosaics
HJ onyx is the unique stone will enhance your life ! It will take you completely to different world then any other stone. You will see the beauty of translucent color combination. Every part has exotic look that takes you into the deep of ocean.
Slate mosaicSlate mosaics
HJ slate mosaic is Just like regular mosaics, the classic slate can be used to decorate various areas such as border, walls or even floors. Because of the rough nature of its surface and rich color variations, slate mosaic can bring home more natural feelings comparing to other stones such marble and granite. In addition, slate mosaic is less expensive than marble or granite, so slate mosaic along with other slate products has emerged an a popular building material in recent years.
stone glass mosaicStone & glass mosaics
Success with glass and stone tile involves practical as well as aesthetic appeal. The latest trend for kitchen backsplashes and shower walls have been the combination of glass and stone mosaics.
stone glass mosaiccrystal glass mosaics
crystal glass mosaics have many color system, such as white, grey, black, yellow, fuchsine, red, blue, green, brown, purple etc. The effect of surface can be divided into fabric vein, plain, matte (mist) etc. You could mix several colors for paving or for special pictures as you like.