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Crystal glass mosaics supplier from china – Yunfu HuanJian Stone Ltd. is a professional natural stone manufacturer and supplier. We supplies mosaics (stone mosaic, crystal glass mosaicetc) & stone products.

mosaic picture: crystal glass mosaics

crystal glass mosaics have many color system, such as white, grey, black, yellow, fuchsine, red, blue, green, brown, purple etc. The effect of surface can be divided into fabric vein, plain, matte (mist) etc. You could mix several colors for paving or for special pictures as you like.

crystal glass mosaic Product feature:

  • Beautiful and natural colors,anti-dust;
  • High and low temperature resistance;
  • Suitable for wall, floor, swimming pool, bathroom, kitchen ect;
  • Resistant fading, staining, discoloration and chemical attack;
  • Zero water absorption, anti acid and alkali and easy to clean;
  • Well control about dimension tolerance , straightness and rectangularit.

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