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bisazza  designs supplier from china. – Yunfu HuanJian Stone Ltd. is a mosaics & stone manufacturer and supplier. We supplies mosaics (stone mosaic, designs for mosaicsetc) & stone products.

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Bisazza designs is multiform and creatively versatile medium has been used to create some of the most enduring and beautiful works in history and Bisazza is now employing it to stunning effect to meet the commercial and domestic design requirements of the 21st century.

The Bisazza mosaic designs system is excellent for almost any interior and exterior application, especially for wet areas like swimming pools and bathrooms, or just to create that unique look in any part of the home or commercial installation.

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They are impervious to UV rays, fade resistant and frost proof. They can be situated indoors and outdoors, in kitchens and in high moisture areas such as bathrooms, shower rooms, wet rooms, and swimming pools.